ISO/TS 18101-1:2019

Automation systems and integration — Oil and gas interoperability — Part 1: Overview and fundamental principles

This standard provides requirements, specifications and guidance for an architecture of a supplier-neutral industrial digital ecosystem. It includes a standardized connectivity and services architecture, and a standardized use case architecture with methods to specify atomically re-usable scenarios and events, which can be used to specify the characteristics of standardized industry use cases.

NOTE 1 Examples of standard industry use cases included in the secondary business process are included in Annex A along with standardized use case architecture.


18101-1:2019 provides:

  • Guidance for an architecture applicable to the oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, public utilities and other asset-intensive industries;
  • Requirements for interoperability among systems of systems, systems (including hardware and software) and components included in the secondary business process of a plant, platform or facility at any given time;
  • Guidance on how these interoperability requirements are to be achieved and sustained in support of operations in the same plant, platform or facility;
  • Specifications enabling the specialization of a digital ecosystem concept for the requirements of the secondary business process in included industries;
  • Guidance to industry participants, including owner/operators and their product and services suppliers, to support their secondary business process requirements using products, which interoperate based on the specifications included in this document.
NOTE 2 This standard is focused on interoperability requirements for systems which play roles in the secondary business process, including those in domains identified in Figure 7.



Status :  Published

Publication date : 2019-06

Edition : 1

Number of pages : 26

Technical Committee : ISO/TC 184 | Automation systems and integration

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