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ISO/TC 184 is the ISO Technical Committee for the development of automation systems and integration standards. The overall mission of  ISO/TC 184  and its SCs is to ensure timely availability of a consistent and coherent set of globally relevant standards for the design, development and delivery of products, process systems and plants. ISO/TC 184 enables the associated procurement, manufacturing and delivery systems and their integration within and across enterprises, including support for supply chain management and digital business collaboration.


The specific objectives of ISO/TC 184 and its SCs are to:


  • Act as a focal point at the international level for the identification of standardization needs to address manufacturing automation and business issues throughout the product lifecycle,
  • Offer frameworks to describe standardization requirements for automation and information systems to address those issues,
  • Identify or develop internationally accepted standards for manufacturing systems, information support platforms and integration architectures to meet the requirements, seeking them from other sources,
  • Ensure that the resulting standards are implementable, testable and harmonized with other complementary and supplementary standards,
  • Facilitate technological innovation and business cooperation, using high quality, relevant standards as agents for expressing industry application requirements and multi-sourced solutions,
  • Promote the understanding and use of ISO/TC 184 work and outcomes in companies throughout the global market,
  • Promote the exploitation of ISO/TC 184 standards by other standards groups,
  • Propose a common approach to specify classifications and properties of multi-sourced products to facilitate integration in smart automation systems, and
  • Promote the use of ISO/TC 184 standards at the regional, national and international level.

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