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In September 2015 we published ISO 9001: 2015 Quality management systems - Requirements. We have also developed several supporting guidance documents to help organizations understand the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and to help them make the transition from using ISO 9001:2008 to using ISO 9001:2015, see ISO/TS 9002: 2016 Quality management systems - Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001:2015, or the ISO SME handbook ISO 9001:2015 for Small Enterprises - What to do ?.

More recently, a new edition was published of ISO 10007: 2017 Quality management - Guidelines for configuration management.

New projects

Revisions of:

  • ISO 9004:2009
    Managing for the sustained success of an organization - A quality management approach
  • ISO 10005:2005
    Quality management systems - Guidelines for quality plans
  • ISO 10006:2003
    Quality management systems - Guidelines for quality in projects


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Mr Charles Corrie (UK)
Mr Charles Corrie (UK)
Secretary ISO/TC 176/SC 2

Ms Tian Wu (China)
Ms Tian Wu (China)
Co-Secretary ISO/TC 176/SC 2