Standards produced by TC 130 is copyrighted by ISO, and has to be bought either directly from ISO or via any of the national publisher and standardisation organisations which cooperate with ISO. In the US this is ANSI, in Germany DIN, in the UK bsi etc.

But TC 130 has also created two documents to explain in depth which standards are supposed to be used where, and how the different standards relate to each other. You can download those as a PDF by clicking on the document name below, or in the list to the right. They are  free to download complementary at no cost.

The first document Guidelines for using print production standards was originally published as a technical report. It describes how standards can be used in a typical workflow for graphic arts production. This document is intended as a guide for those who aren't familiar with the work of TC 130 and ISO standards for graphic arts production.

The second document Framework for ISO/TC 130 standards goes into more depth in describing how the TC 130 standards can be placed into categories and how they are developed by TC 130. It was originally intended to help TC 130 experts to analyse which standards were used where in the print workflow, but should be useful for anyone who are interested to know more about TC 130 and the standards we develop.

You will find even more resources under the sub-tabs "Articles, Case studies and New standards".