TC 130 is the technical committee for international standards within print and publishing.

As mentioned in our Scope "ISO/TC 130 addresses standardization in the field of printing and graphic technologies. This field covers all phases of the process, where graphic elements (image, text, line art, pattern and others) are created, manipulated, assembled, communicated, and finally delivered electronically as digital products or physically to substrates using inks, toners and other marking or functional materials, and finished as demanded by the end applications."

This web site is complementary to our main web site, and contains a brief history of how and why the committee was started, as well as additional documents, free to download at no charge, that explain how and where our standards can be used in the print and publishing process (see the tab "Resources" above).

The profile image above show Taskforce 3 in TC 130, responsible for this web site. (Photo: Mark Stegman, delegate from Australia)

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