News for November and December, 2021

News for November and December, 2021

One standard developed by ISO/TC 130 have been published:

ISO 24487-1:2021 Graphic technology — Processless lithographic plates — Part 1: Evaluation methods for characteristics and performance


The system review of the following two standards have been closed and both of them were confirmed:

ISO 12640-4:2011 Graphic technology — Prepress digital data exchange — Part 4: Wide gamut display-referred standard colour image data [Adobe RGB (1998)/SCID] 

ISO/TS 21830: 2018 Image technology colour management — Black point compensation for n-colour ICC profiles

ISO/TC 130 35th Working groups and Plenary Meetings has been held virtually on November 8th, 2021. There were 44 delegates from 16 countries attended the plenary meeting. 13 Resolutions have been approved by the P-members during the meeting.

35th Pleanry
The 2021 Plenary for TC 130 was a virtual meeting due to covid restrictions. [note: right-click to see the image in full resolution]