ISO/IEC 29110 Series

Systems and Software Engineering Standards and Guides for Very Small Entities (VSEs)

The ISO/IEC 29110 series of standards and guides was developed mainly to provide a road map for VSEs developing systems or software. The roadmap is composed of four profiles (i.e., Entry, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced) to guide VSEs in moving from Start-ups to Grown-ups. 

A profile is an assemblage of a set of elements of selected standards, such as the software life cycle processes standard ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207 or the system life cycle processes standard ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 and the life cycle information  items standard ISO/IEC/IEE 15289 that are necessary to accomplish a particular function. The profiles are applicable to the vast majority of VSEs that don't develop critical systems or critical software. Systems, in the context of ISO/IEC 29110, are typically composed of hardware and software components. The most useful ISO/IEC 29110 documents for VSEs are the series of systems and software management, engineering and service delivery guides. The guides provide to VSEs a set of 'ready-to-use' processes, activities, tasks and roles as well as proposed content of input and output work products.

The ISO/IEC 29110 is intended to be used with any life cycle such as waterfall, iterative, incremental, evolutionary or agile.