ISO/IEC 10746

Information technology – Open Distributed Processing

The Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing (RM-ODP) is a family of International Standards created to give a solid basis for describing and building widely distributed systems and applications in a systematic way. The objective of ODP standardization is the development of International Standards that allow the benefits of distributing information processing systems and services to be realized in an environment of heterogeneous IT resources and multiple organizational domains.

The ODP framework defines essential concepts necessary to specify open distributed IT systems from five prescribed viewpoints and provides a well-developed framework for the structuring of specifications for large-scale, distributed systems. It stresses the need to build such systems with evolution in mind, by identifying the concerns of major stakeholders and then expressing the design as a series of linked viewpoints. RM-ODP is not limited to any
single tool or design method but concentrates on the key choices that make an architectural design robust, flexible, and long lived.

RM-ODP consists of 14 International Standards covering all main concerns of software engineers and enterprise architects who need to design and develop heterogeneous and interoperable IT systems in a flexible but rigorous manner.