ISO/IEC 25060 Series

Common industry format for usability-related information (CIF)

The starting point for the reader of this series of standards is ISO/IEC TR 25060, which provides an overview and summary of usability-related process outputs, relevant concepts, and consistent terminology.

  • Requirements for reporting usability-related outputs in the 25060 series are
  • context of use for the system (users, goals and tasks, environment during use and given resources of the users)
  • essential user needs
  • user requirements for user-system interaction
  • specification of user-system interaction and user interface
  • usability evaluation reports, including field data reports

ISO/IEC TR 25060:2010 is under revision to incorporate developments in the detailed standards (CIFs), and in SC7 with regards to system lifecycle management, requirements engineering, agile frameworks and quality management where Human-Centred design (HCD) is success critical.