The Chairman February 2018



Jason Brown is the Chair of the Australian Mirror Committee for Security and Resilience and its liaison representative on the Australian New Zealand Joint Technical Committee for Risk Management.  He has been involved with standardisation work since 1992 in areas of risk management, imagery, security and safety.

He has held senior executive positions in government and private enterprise in areas managing risk related to safety, security, project management and people development.


Message from the Chairman

There has rarely been a more important time to understand, develop and apply the management of risk to real world requirements.  We live in a complex and highly volatile world, where our goals and objectives face multiple hazards and threats, but also there is great opportunity.

The broad adoption of ISO 31000 has allowed governments. Businesses and individuals to better manage risk and communicate issues associated with risk across national and cultural barriers.

A strategic approach to building awareness and acceptance of risk management and engagement with its development, at the enterprise, operational and in areas of specific applications, is a key challenge for our committee.

Such a strategic approach will build on the knowledge and contributions of our experts, and their global networks, to provide best practice at all levels of risk management.


Jason Brown

Chairman TC 262




ISO/TC 262 conducted some interviews with members between 2015 and 2017, you can read them here.

The ongoing revision of ISO 31000

Prof. Dr. Bruno Brühwiler was the Convenor for working group (WG) 2, which lead the development of ISO 31000:2018. He has been involved with ISO 31000 since its very beginning in 2005 when ISO TMB (Technical Management Board) established a working group which was asked to write the standard. He was actively engaged in Austria’s creation of their standards in risk management and published some renowned books on risk management. He talks about his background and the highlights and challenges in risk management and as a Convenor of WG 2.

Interview (2017-07-17)

Coordinating the revision of ISO 31000

Rodolphe Civet was the Secretary of Working group (WG) 2 which lead the development of ISO 31000:2018. He is head of »Management, evaluation, fundamental disciplines, services (B to B)« at AFNOR, the French national standardization body. His focus is Risk Management and quality management. He explains his background and professional career, the highlights in coordinating the work of ISO/TC 262 WG 2 and his biggest challenge as secretary.

Interview (2017-07-08)

Risk Management and TC 262

Following TMB approval on February 7th, 2017, Jason Brown, who had been nominated as the new chairman of TC 262, took office. He succeeded Kevin Knight. Jason is a corporate director in Thales in Australia with a range of global responsibilities and extensive standards experience. He talked about his career, his journey to risk management and his views on the future of the committee.

Interview (2017-02-09)

Risk Management and Management System Standards in ISO

José Alcorta is ISO Technical Program Manager for ISO/TC 262. He has been involved in standardization since 1995. In 2011 he joined ISO at the Central Secretariat. He participated at the plenary meeting in Amman in October 2016 and talked about his role as Technical Program Manager and about ISO Management System Standards and the role of Risk Management in in this context.

Interview (2017-01-20)

Kevin W. Knight on heading into well-deserved obscurity

Interview with Kevin W. Knight in Amman in 2016 at the end of the last plenary meeting he chaired. ISO/TC 262 honored the Ambassador of Risk Management to become their symbolic »Honorary Chairman«. Kevin gave an insight into his life and what he thought were the highlights and disappointments in risk management and in security and resilience for him and what his biggest challenges were.

Interview (2016-12-30)

Julia Graham on General Questions regarding Risk Management

On November 13th, 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Marcelo Baêta Chaves, analyst with ANS, the Brazilian National Regulatory Agency for Private Health Insurance and Plans (ANS), interviewed Julia Graham, deputy CEO and technical director for AIRMIC, the United Kingdom Association for Insurance and Risk Management professionals, and a UK expert participating in ISO/TC 262. The interview mainly revolved around general risk management questions.

Interview (2015-11-13)

ISO 31000:2018 will be adopted in Germany

Prof. Dr. Udo Weis is the Chairman of DIN NA 175-00-04 AA, the German mirror committee to ISO/TC 262. He was trained as a chemist and later earned an MBA in international business. Currently he is the director of the Steinbeis Institute of international Business and Risk Management in Heidelberg. He reports of DIN’s decision on November 24th, 2017 to approve ISO/FDIS 31000:2017 and to initiate procedures to adopt the new version of ISO 31000 as a national standard. Prof. Weis describes the improvements of the new version that enabled this decision.

Interview (2017-12-26)

Risk Management globally – Argentina and ISO 31000

Verónica Marinelli is the project manager of the Argentinian mirror committee to ISO/TC 262. For the last six years she has worked as standardization convenor at IRAM, the Instituto Argentino de Normalización y Certificación, which was founded in 1935. She briefly explains the system of standardization in Argentina and mentions that Argentina adopted ISO 31000 as IRAM-ISO 31000:2015. She notes that recently due to ISO 9001 introducing the concept of risk based thinking all kind of companies in Argentina have become interested in risk management.

Interview (2017-12-04)