ISO 9001 Interpretation Request

ISO 9001 Interpretation Request

A new ISO 9001 Interpretation Request has been published January 2023

Interpretations of ISO 9001

ISO provides an interpretations service for its member bodies, to resolve any identified ambiguities in the standard.

If you have a query on the standard you should contact your national standards body or liaison organization in the first instance, to seek advice on resolving it.

It is an official process, that involves developing consensus among the members of ISO Technical Committee (TC) 176 Sub-Committee (SC) 2 to agree on any proposed interpretation to ISO 9001. The listing of formally approved interpretations is available to download on the TC 176 SC2 website.

Member bodies should refer to the Guidance on the interpretations process and apply for an interpretation using The "Request for an Interpretation" form.

Interpretation Request - January 2023

ISO 9001:2015 Clause(s)                                          8.4.3

Are all requirements of 8.4.3 listed in bullets (a) through (f) required to be communicated to all suppliers for all purchases?

Interpretation Response:

It is understood that the clause should have included the term “as applicable,” as not all the bullets (a) through (f) would be applicable to every purchase to every supplier. By saying the organization shall communicate “its” requirements, it is implied, however, that only applicable requirements would be flowed down specific to a given purchase. In reality, organizations only flow down the bullets (a) through (f) that apply to that supplier or order.