Acronym Name
PAIGH Pan-American Institute of Geography and History (PAIGH)
PALEA Pacific Asia Lift and Escalator Association
PATH Program for Appropriate Technology in Health
PDES Product Data Exchange using STEP
PDG Pharmacopoeia Discussion Group
PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification
Photoconsortium Photoconsortium, International Consortium for Photographic Heritage
PICOS Privacy and Identity Management for Community Services
PMC Convention on the control and marking of articles of precious metals
PMI Project Management Institute
PNEUROP European Committee of Manufacturers of Compressors, Vacuum Pumps and Pneumatic Tools
PQCRYPTO Post-quantum cryptography for long-term security
PRE European Refractories Producers Federation
PRIPARE PReparing Industry to Privacy-by-design by supporting its Application in REsearch
PRISMACLOUD Privacy and Security Maintaining Services in the Cloud
ProSTEP iViP e.V. ProSTEP Association for the Advancement of International Product Data Standards
PU Europe Federation of the European Rigid Polyurethane Foam Associations