Acronym Name
EAFT European Association for Terminologie
EAN International International Article Numbering Association
EANM European Association of Nuclear Medicine
EAPF European Alliance for Plant-based Food
EAQUALS Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality in Language Services
EASA European Union Aviation Safety Agency
EASE European Association of Science Editors
EATP European Association for Textile Polyolefins
EAWOP European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology
EBA European Biogas Association
EBA - boating/navigation The European Boating Association
EBB European Biodiesel Board
EBI European Boating Industry
EBIA European bedding industries' association
EBN European Biosafety Network
EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
EBSA European Biosafety Association
EBU European Broadcasting Union
EC - European Commission European Commission
EC4 European Communities Confederation of Clinical Chemistry
ECA - Cocoa European Cocoa Association aisbl
ECB European Central Bank
ECCMA Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA)
ECCS European Convention for Constructional Steelwork
ECE European Colourfastness Establishment
ECF - caravan European Caravan Federation
ECI Ethics & Compliance Initiative
ECMA European Cylinder Makers Association
Ecma International Ecma International
ECNL European Center for Not-for-Profit Law
ECO Platform ECO Platform AISBL
ECOLOGIA ECOlogists Linked for Organizing Grassroots Initiatives and Action
ECOS (Environment) Environmental Coalition on Standards
ECPA The European Crop Protection Association
ECRA European Carpet and Rug Association
ECSS European Cooperation for Space Standardization
ECTA European Chemical Transport Association AISBL
ECTAA The European Travel Agents' and Tour Operators' Associations
EDANA International associations serving the nonwovens and related industries
EDF Environmental Defense Fund
EDM Council Enterprise Data Management Council
EDPA The Experiential Designers and Producers Association
EDPB European Data Protection Board
EEA European Environment Agency
EEA Inc. Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Inc.
EEB European Environmental Bureau
EFAC European Federation of Associations of Certification bodies
EFAMRO European Federation of Market Research Associations
EFC European Federation of Corrosion
EFCA/FIDIC International Federation of Consulting Engineers
EFCO&HPA European Federation of Campingsite Organisations and Holiday Park Associations
EFFCM European Federation of Fibre-Cement Manufacturers
EFLM European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
EFPIA European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations
EGMF European Garden Machinery Federation
EHI European Heating Industry
EIC - USA Events Industry Council
EIGA European Industrial Gases Association
ELA European Lift Association
ELRA European Language Resources Association
EMAS European Microbeam Analysis Society
EMESRT Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table
EMF The Ellen MacArthur Foundation
ENAT European Network for Accessible Tourism a.s.b.l.
ENBIS European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics
ENEP European Network of Environmental Professionals
Energistics Energistics
ENISA European Network and Information Security Agency
ENSA European Plant-based Foods Association
EOQ European Organization for Quality
EOSC-Life Open collaborative space for digital biology in Europe
EP European Parliament
EPC Conseil Européen des Paiements AISBL
EPF European Panel Federation
EPIC European Packaging Institute Consortium
EPLF European Producers of Laminate Flooring
EPMA European Powder Metallurgy Association
EPN EuroPetNet
EPO European Patent Office
EPPMP European Power Press Manufacturers Panel
EPPO European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization
ERA European Rotogravure Association
ERA (European Railway Agency) European Railway Agency
ERFMI European Resilient Flooring Manufacturers Institute
ERFO European Recovered Fuel Organisation
ERPA European Rolling Paper Association
ESA European Space Agency
ESA - spice/épices European Spice Association
ESA Sealing European Sealing Association
ESAO European Society for Artificial Organs
ESBB European, Middlle Eastern and African Society for Biobanking (ESBB)
ESI software (Tecnalia Research & Innovation) European Software Institute (Tecnalia Research & Innovation)
ESOMAR World Association of Research Professionals
ESP Ecosystem Services Partnership
ESTA European Smoking Tobacco Association
ESTAL European Surface Treatment on Aluminium
ETN European Turbine Network
ETPG European Test Publishers Group
ETRTO European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization
ETSA European Textile Services Association
ETSC European Transport Safety Council
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
ETUC European Trade Union Confederation
ETUI European Trade Union Institute
EU Travel Tech EU Travel Tech Organization
EU-STANDS4PM A European standardisation framework for data integration and data-driven in silico models for personalised medicine
EU-VRi European Risk & Resilience Institute
EUATC European Union of Associations of Translation Companies
EUCEET The European Civil Engineering Education and Training Association
EUF European Underwater Federation
EUFIAS European Fireworks Association
EULITA European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association
EUMABOIS European Committee of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers
EUnited Metallurgy EUnited Metallurgy
EuPC European Plastics Converters
EURADOS European radiation dosimetry group
EURALARM Association of European manufacturers, installers and service providers of the electronic Fire Safety and Security industry
EURAMET European Association of National Metrology Institutes
EURATEX European Apparel and Textile Confederation
EUREAU European Federation of national associations of water & wastewater services
EURIMA European Association of Insulation Manufacturers
EUROCAE The European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment
EUROFEU European Committee of the Manufacturers of Fire Protection Equipment and Fire Fighting Vehicles
Eurofiling Eurofiling Foundation p.f.
EuroFm European Facility Management Network (EuroFM)
EUROGI European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information
Eurogroup for Animals Eurogroup for Animals
EUROM European Federation of Precision Mechanical and Optical Industries
EUROMOT The European Association of Internal Combustion Engines and Alternative Powertrain Manufacturers
EuropaBio European Association for Bioindustries
European Aluminium European Aluminium
Europeana F. Europeana Foundation (Stichting Europeana)
EUROPERF European Perforators Association
EUROSAC European Federation of Multiwall Paper Sacks Manufacturers
EuroSDR European Spatial Data Research
EUROVENT European Committee of Air Handling and Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers
EuroWindoor AISBL European Window, Curtain Wall and Door Manufacturers
EUSPA European Union Agency for the Space Programme
EUTurbines European association of gas and steam turbine manufacturers
EUVEPRO EUVEPRO European Vegetable Proteins Association
EUWA Association of European Wheel Manufacturers
EVO Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO)
EWA European Welding Association
EWF European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting
EWRIS European Federation of Wire Rope Industries