Interpretation process for welding standards

1. What is an interpretation?

It represents the consensus position of the sub-committee responsible for the standard at the same time it does not modify or add new requirements to the published ISO standards. Interpretation only provide clarification of the requirements of the reference standard and not how the requirements can be fulfilled. Interpretation only confirms the original intent of the standard.

2. Requests for interpretations

Requests  are a useful tool for ISO committees to get feedback from end users of ISO standards. These may result in a clarification to the end user explaining how to use the standard. However, such requests can also highlight errors or deficiencies in ISO standards which can then be used as the basis of a revision or corrective document e.g. amendments.    

3. You have a question on a standard, how should you proceed and what happen?

3.1 Contact your National Standards Body (NSB), or A-Liaisons, which may be able to answer the questions without the need to contact the ISO committee concerned. They shall also check that the question is not already covered and provide support in the preparation of the question before submission to the relevant ISO committee

Requests for clarification of any aspect of the documents shall be directed to the Committee manager responsible via the NSB in the country of the requester or via the A-liaison member, using the interpretation request form.

Prior to any submission to the secretariat of the committee, the NSB or A-liaison should access the ISO/TC 44 website to determine if an interpretation has already been made.

If the NSB is not able to provide a response, it is responsible to ensure the question is adequately phrased in a manner that allows for clear understanding of the request before forwarding it to the related committee. Requests shall be submitted so that the relevant SC can respond YES or NO with additional explanation as needed.

Each interpretation request shall not be conditional and shall only relate to a single issue

3.2 The submitted questions and proposed answers are discussed by the committee in charge of the standard and approved in meeting or by a Committee Internal Ballot to reflect the consensus on the clarification answer.

3.3 The reply form with the approved clarification is made available on line: ISO/TC 44 website


Interpretation request form

If you need an interpretation on any ISO/TC 44 standard, please fill in this interpretation request form and send it to the Committee Manager.

Existing interpretation sheets

Interpretation sheets on ISO 9606 and ISO 15614 can be accessed by clicking here.