Terminology standards in development

Within ISO/TC 262 a group of experts are part of a terminology coordination group, TCG 1, their role is to coordinate the terminology in ISO/TC 262 projects and documents. ISO/TC 262 WG 8 is also currently reviewing the foundations for terms used in ISO/TC 262. 

TCG 1 and WG 8 take into consideration the approaches outlined in existing standards such as: ISO 704:2009 Principles and Methods for terminology work, ISO 10241-1:2011 Terminology entries in standards, ISO 15188:2001 Project management guidelines for terminology standardization and ISO 860:2008 Harmonization of concepts and terms.

The underlying goal of all this work is to encourage a “shared language” for communication between the great diversity of stakeholders in managing risk and by so doing improve their performance in each achieving their objectives.

TCG 1 Membership

We have members from 20 countries (2019): Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Russian Federation, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Jordan, Portugal, Japan, Lithuania, ect. 



ISO 31073 - Risk management – Vocabulary

ISO 31073:2022 was published as the ISO/TC 262 vocabulary to gather all the terms and definitions used within the portfolio.  Work is ongoing to review the foundations of terms used for future revisions and to include new terms used in ISO/TC 262 developments. 


WG 8 membership

We have members from 14 countries (2021): Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Indonesia, Italy, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Jordan, New Zealand, Japan.