ISO/ASTM Additive Manufacturing Standards Structure

In order to develop a common roadmap and organizational structure for AM standards, ISO/TC 261 and ASTM F42 agreed upon a common structure which defines a hierarchy of AM standards with three levels.

ISO ASTM AM Standards Structure


ISO/TC 261 Associated committees and Working Groups

ISO/ASTM Standards for Additive manufacturing are developed by Joint Groups (JG) comprised of experts nominated by the ISO/TC 261 and ASTM F42 committees.

Each ISO/ASTM Joint Group is given the mandate to develop one or multiple standards following the orientations set by a parent Working Group (WG), each WG covering a broader scope. A Joint Advisory Group (JAG) actively monitors and reports the progress of all Working Groups and ISO/ASTM Joint Groups and plans the development of new standards to meet AM stakeholders needs as they evolve and align on scientific and technological breakthroughs.

The list of all WGs and JGs with their identification, name, scope and status is found at on the ISO/TC 261 page/Structure.