ISO 55002:2018 released

ISO 55002:2018 released

ByBoudewijn Neijens


The new ISO 55002:2018 offers better guidance to implement the ISO 55001 asset management system.

ISO/TC 251 has released an expanded and revised version of ISO 55002 - Guidelines for the
application of ISO 55001. 

It incorporates the experience of 31 countries spanning four years in implementing asset management systems. It’s based on the actual journeys, challenges and experiences of successful early adopters of the standard.

General improvements include expanded detailed guidance for every clause of the 55001 requirements document, and clarification of the contribution of each requirement to the four ’fundamentals’ of asset management: 1. Value, 2. Alignment, 3. Leadership and 4. Assurance.

It also describes how to apply the requirements of ISO 55001 to the key domains of asset management and includes great hints on how to address key cross-cutting subjects within the standard such “value” and the SAMP, as depicted in the picture below.

Mr. Rhys Davies, Chair of ISO/TC 251 commented: “The new ISO 55002 provides better guidance and puts you in a much better position to derive the value from your asset base that your stakeholders require.”

More information about ISO 55002:2018 can be found here.

Note that ISO 55001:2014 remains valid - the release of the new ISO 55002:2018 does not change the content or requirements of ISO 55001.