Transport trends

The pace of global transport and logistics is non-stop. A lot is happening throughout the industry, with contemporary concerns and challenges emerging every day. So what are the big issues to watch out for?

The issue looks at the main environmental, economic and technology trends driving the future of mobility and presents standards solutions for a cleaner, safer and more reliable/efficient transportation system. A special focus on China’s New Silk Road also highlights the role of International Standards in shaping the economic megaproject and in building a new “golden age” of globalization.

Transport trends

An overview of recent trends and near-term prospects for the transport sector at a global level, as well as the long-term outlook for standards in the industry (maritime, air and land).

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Why intelligent supply chains will rule the world
Why intelligent supply chains will rule the world

By Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis

Global freight transport is a key component in the trade of goods and materials, but new demands on the transport network are creating fresh challenges for data. Transport companies are endeavouring to meet those new demands, but are they successful? Discover how an adaptive, intelligent supply chain – built around standards – accelerates innovation and drives change.

In 2015, world trade in goods was valued at about USD 16 trillion.

UNCTAD report Key Statistics and Trends in International Trade 2016


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All aboard for quality rail!
All aboard for quality rail!

By Clare Naden

Taking quality management a step further in the rail industry can lead to only one destination: better and safer trains. A recently published ISO technical specification promises to help keep the world’s trains on time and on track for efficient and sustainable development.

Greening the deep blue
Greening the deep blue

By Maria Lazarte

Over the past few years, the tides of the maritime industry have been changing. There’s a push for safer, smarter, more environment-friendly and energy-efficient sea transport. What no one expected is that these actions are not only bringing economic benefits, they are also leading to the servitization of the shipbuilding industry.

Boxing clever – How standardization built a global economy
Boxing clever – How standardization built a global economy

By Barnaby Lewis

Elia Kazan’s 1954 film On the Waterfront is probably best known for the line “I coulda been a contender”. In the role of Terry (a longshoreman and failed boxer), Marlon Brando sums up perfectly the passing of something that was, or might have been. While the film remains one of the undefeated greats of modern cinema, it’s ironic that the eponymous waterfront was KO’d by one of the 20th century’s most influential inventions.

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