ISO/TC 228 is a committee created in 2005 under the twinned leadership of UNE (Spain) and INNORPI (Tunisia), with 103 countries and 23 Organizations in liaison involved.

We have published 29 tourism standards and we are currently developing 12 projects in topics such as diving, health tourism, adventure tourism, yacht harbours, bareboat charters, volunteer tourism, sustainable management systems for accommodation facilities or accesible tourism.

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ISO/TC 228 is a technical committee of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) responsible for developing internationally accepted standards for terminology and specifications of the services offered by tourism service providers, including related activities, touristic destinations and the requirements of facilities and equipment used by them, to provide tourism buyers, providers and consumers with criteria for making informed decisions.



Tourism is booming, bringing with it substantial opportunities to contribute to sustainable development. World Tourism Day is the day to draw attention to how tourism can improve our world. ISO standards play a key role.

ISO for sustainable tourism

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According to UNWTO, over the past six decades, tourism has experienced continued expansion and diversification, to become one of the largest and fastest-growing economic sectors in the world. An ever-increasing number of destinations worldwide have opened up to, and invested in tourism, turning it into a key driver of socio-economic progress through the creation of jobs and enterprises, export revenues, and infrastructure development.

The number international tourists has grown from 25 million in 1950 to 1235 million in 2016.  Today Tourism represents 10 % of GDP, 1 in 10 jobs and 7% of the world exports. More data are available at the UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2017 Edition



ISO/TC 228 provides a forum for the work of eight dynamic working groups, which cover the following areas:

  • WG 1 – Diving Services
  • WG 2 – Health Tourism Services
  • WG 7 – Adventure Tourism
  • WG 8 – Yacht Harbours
  • WG 11 – Bareboat Charters
  • WG 13 – Sustainable Tourism
  • WG 14 – Accessible Tourism
  • WG 15 – Accommodation
  • WG 16  Restaurant

In addition to these working groups there is also a Chair Advisory Group (CAG) to assist the chair and secretariat in tasks concerning coordination, planning and steering of the committee’s work or other specific tasks of an advisory nature.

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Standards are developed by the people who need them – that could mean you. Technical committees include experts from both standards and industry and these experts are put forward by ISO’s national members. If you want to help shape future standards in your field, contact your national member.

Natalia Ortiz de Zárate
Natalia Ortiz de Zárate
TC 228 Secretary
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Chokri Makhlouf
Chokri Makhlouf
TC 228 Co-secretary

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