Updates from ISO TC 68 / SC2

Updates from ISO TC 68 / SC2

By TC68 / SC2 Committee Manager


Please click on the header to read about important updates from TC68 / SC2 including open ballots and the deadline for Plenary registration...

New ballots:

  1. ISOTC68SC2 Decision between two candidates for WG11 Convenor – CIB was circulated June 10th – deadline 8 July
  2. ISO/TC 68 SC2 WG17 – Re-appointment of Ed Scheidt as Convenor of WG17 Security aspects of digital currencies – deadline 9 July

Open Ballots:

  1. WG13 Security in retail banking has two open ballots:
    1. ISO/DIS 9564-5 Financial services — Personal Identification Number (PIN) management and security — Part 5: Methods for the generation, change, and verification of PINs and card security data using the advanced encryption standard – deadline 7 July
    2. ISO/DIS 11568 Financial services — Key management (retail) — Principles, symmetric ciphers and asymmetric cryptosystems, their key management and life cycle deadline 13 July

Other Updates:

Publication of WG16 security aspects related to third party payment providers (TPPPs) - ISO 23195 Security objectives of information systems of third party payment services.


The SC2 Notice of meeting for 4 October 2021 was circulated June 10th, the registration deadline is 21 September 2021, and the deadline for reports is 6 August 2021.