Technical Committee 68 (ISO/TC 68) is responsible for creating global standards for the financial services industry. TC 68 is responsible for standards that cover core banking, capital markets including asset management, payments, credit card processing, and information security aspects specific to financial services.  The committee is organized into three subcommittees: SC2 (Information Security), SC8 (Reference Data), and SC9 (Information Exchange).

lists of ISO/TC 68 Financial Servies Subcommittees

The focus of TC 68 through its subcommittees, advisory groups, and working groups is to:

  • Identify development of new standards to support evolving business needs, innovation, and regulatory requirements
  • Promote adoption of existing international standards
  • Manage coexistence of ISO, other standards and proprietary approaches
  • Identify and secure the participation of industry stakeholders

ISO/TC 68 groups, other TCs, and non-ISO communities

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