TC68 SC8 Updates

TC68 SC8 Updates

By SC8 Committee Manager


Please read the important updates from SC8 including deadlines for the "Call for Experts" for the Unique Product Identifier and Official Organizational Roles.  Read more....

  • June 18th: Working Group 8 on Unique Product Identifier (UPI) will kick-off. Registration of experts is ongoing.
                  UPI: Uniquely identify each OTC derivative product. The UPI will be inserted in any transaction that is by regulations classified as reportable.

  • June 24th: Working Group 9 on Official Organizational Roles (OOR) will kick-off. Registration of experts starts this week.
                 OOR: Specifies roles of persons acting officially on behalf of an organization or legal entity (credentials).

  • June 30th: Deadline for respondents to call for candidates for the Registration Authority Services for the ISO 24165 standard
                 DTI RA: Registration and assignment process for a random, unique, fixed-length identifier for digital tokens