Remembrance of Patrice Hertzog

Remembrance of Patrice Hertzog

While we process the loss of our friend and colleague, Patrice, we also want to celebrate his life recognizing his many contributions and years of service to international financial standards. We will feel his loss for quite some time.

Patrice, who passed away on 5 November 2022, will be remembered for his kindness, gentleness, and humility. He provided steady leadership in the industry.


Manager, Crédit Mutuel (1991 to Present)

Patrice had a major role regarding standards and all payments matters within the French community (AFNOR, CFONB) where he was leading. He led and participated in many strategic committees and working groups for many years.

Some of the roles and service activities Patrice held include:

  • Chair, ISO TC 68/SC 7 (2011 to 2017)
  • Chair, ISO TC 68/SC 9 Information Exchange – inaugural chair (2017 to Present)
  • Member, ISO TC 68 Strategic Leadership Group
  • Chair, European Cards, Stakeholders Group
  • ISO TC 68 Liaison to MoU/MG ISO-IEC-ITU-UNECE Memorandum of Understanding on e-Business Management Group
  • Nexo Standards
  • European Payments Council

Statement of Clément Chevauché, Committee Manager, ISO TC 68/SC 7 and ISO TC 68/SC 9

« J’ai […] travaillé environ 7 ans avec Patrice en binôme pour le TC 68/SC 7, puis au démarrage du SC 9. Je me souviendrai de Patrice comme quelqu'un de très pédagogue, toujours prêt à expliquer les rouages du monde bancaire, et des enjeux spécifiques de la normalisation dans ce secteur d’activité. Au-delà, c’était quelqu’un qui restait simple. »

“I worked with Patrice for about 7 years as a team for TC 68/SC 7, then at the beginning of SC 9. I will remember Patrice as someone who was very pedagogical, always ready to explain the workings of the banking world, and the specific standardization challenges in this sector. Furthermore, he was someone who remained simple.”


Statement of Karla McKenna, former Chair, ISO TC 68 Financial Services

“Thanks to Patrice for his support and involvement in the transition from SC 7 to SC 9, for always being willing to explain and contribute and for representing TC 68 with ISO level liaison relationships such as the ITU and the MoU/MG group. Condolences to his family for his sudden passing.”


Statement of Jim Northey, current Chair, ISO TC 68 Financial Services

“I will miss you my kind and gentle friend. It was a privilege to know and work with you.”


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