ISO/TC 68/SC 2 Updates

ISO/TC 68/SC 2 Updates

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Ballot Deadlines:

ISO/CD 9564-5 Banking — Personal Identification Number (PIN) management and security — Part 5: Methods for Generation, Change, and Verification of PINs and Associated Data is closing soon – 29 October.

New ballots:

ISO/TC 68 SC2 N2569 - New CIB for ISO 9564-1 PIN management and security – Part 1: Basic principles and requirements for PINs – deadline 24 November 2020  - Originally ISO/TC 68 SC2 WG13 decided to develop an amendment, but after the required changes grew (e.g PIN issuance and change over to an open network, changing "cardholder" to "customer", and a new Informative Annex D implementation (which may become Normative), they realised they needed the project to be a revision. In the ISO/TC 68 SC2 meeting on 24 September 2020, Resolution 20/608 was passed, and so a CIB has now been circulated to ask the SC2 members to validate the cancellation of the amendment of ISO 9564-1.

ISO/TC 68 SC2 Call for additional experts for WG16 TPPs Committee Internal Ballot – deadline 18 November 2020   Resolution 20/611, passed in the ISO/TC 68 SC2 meeting on 24 September 2020, calls for additional experts in order to finalise the Form 4 and the draft standard regarding China’s proposal for a potential new work item (to be completed by the end of 2020). Mr. Qunli Qiang and the Chinese National Standards Body gave an excellent presentation entitled “Guidelines for Security Framework of TPP services”, setting out their proposal for a flexible TPP security framework to address numerous challenges in the fast-growing mobile payment market. The new draft standard would be a continuation of ISO/DIS 23195 and select, add, or delete relevant components according to the security framework to constitute the customized architecture according to the actual business and development expectations of TPP.

ISO/CD 16609 Financial services -- Requirements for message authentication using symmetric techniques – deadline 22 December 2020   SC2 had previously agreed to progress to the CD stage.