ISO TC68 2020 Plenary Update

ISO TC68 2020 Plenary Update

By Jim Northey, TC68 Chair


The 2020 ISO TC68 Plenary will not be held in May 2020.  Read more....

Postponement or Cancellation of 2020 TC68 Plenary

TC68 leadership is working with our hosts in Norway to determine a possible date to reschedule the plenary for later in 2020. All committees agreed that if the global situation does not stabilize that 2020 ISO TC68 plenary can be cancelled. Committees and subcommittees will continue to function by committee ballots to address ongoing standards activity.

ISO 20022 RMG

The ISO 20022 RMG will hold an abbreviated virtual plenary in May 2020. The ISO 20022 RMG leadership will provide further details via a separate communication.

ISO 20022 RMG does plan to continue meeting coincident with the ISO TC68 plenary. The May 2020 virtual meeting will not impact the plans to participate in the next TC68 plenary.

Country and Liaison Reports no longer due

Country and Liaison reports are no longer due in March 2020. A new report deadline will be established when the date of the next plenary is determined.

Countries and liaison that have issues requiring decision are encouraged to communicate these to the appropriate committee/subcommittee committee manager for action.

Our Committee managers are:

  • Janet Busch, TC68
  • Sarah Horsfield, TC68/SC2
  • Sandra Roth, TC68/SC8
  • Caroline De Conde, TC68/SC9

Best Wishes

We extend our best wishes to our entire global community in this challenging time.