ISO 10962 - CFI code - has been published

ISO 10962 - CFI code - has been published

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The 2021 version of ISO 10962Securities and related financial instruments – Classification of financial instruments (CFI) has been published and a news text has been released by ISO here:  ISO - Financial securities trading.  Click on the header to read more....

The trade of financial securities globally depends on a number of reliable codes to ensure secure transactions, one of which is the list of CFI codes (classification of financial instruments), defined in an ISO standard. A new version of the standard has just been published, enabling an electronic list of codes that will support a more robust and agile maintenance process to better meet industry needs

CFI is the worldwide reference for the codes used to classify financial instruments such as cash, derivatives or foreign exchange. It was first published in 1997 to meet the need of the financial community to classify financial instruments globally. It was also developed to address issues with obtaining information on securities when trading with different markets and the inability to group securities in a consistent manner.

The latest version of ISO 10962 will also now be managed by a dedicated Maintenance Agency to ensure the list is always up to date and responsive to industry needs. 

Link to the CFI MA & Codelist

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