Call for Experts - Central Bank Digital Currency Study Group

Call for Experts - Central Bank Digital Currency Study Group

By TC 68 Communications Group


At the September Plenary meeting, TC68 approved the creation of a new Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Study Group.  Click on the header for more information.

The purpose of this group is to provide support to the broad financial services market by determining and advising where international standards would facilitate and make more efficient the inclusion and use of both CBDC and non-FIAT digital currencies.  This would include advising on the use of standard definitions, identification of and information exchange of CBDC and non-FIAT digital currencies, and identifying where already existing ISO TC68 standards can and should be used.  


Mr. Stanley Yong, from J.P. Morgan, has been named as convenor.  A co-convenor is being sought.


TC 68 is now looking for experts to join the Study Group.  Interested parties should work through their National member bodies to obtain the Terms of Reference and nomination as a member for the group.  The deadline is February 4th, 2021.