Annual revision of ISO directives

Annual revision of ISO directives

Just like every year, ISO has published an updated edition of the ISO/IEC Directives as well as of its ISO Supplement. 

Provided here are links to the summary of changes presentation that was prepared by the ISO Central Secretariat, as well as the current directives. Listed below are the key changes. (The presentation slide number which deals with each key change is specified.)

CD process

Clarifications on the CD stage process (slide #4)

CD ballot question is changed so it is now a consultation, not a vote anymore. This aims at aligning with the IEC and focus on consensus building more than counting yes/no votes (slide #15)


Voting and abstention

NSBs are encouraged to vote “abstain” if there is a lack of national consensus or expert input (slide #6)


Advisory Groups and Ad Hoc Groups

Clarifications on the membership, appointment of convenor and (for ad hoc groups) when to disband (slide #5)


Joint Working Groups (JWG)

Clarifications on the establishment and operations of joint working groups (slide #7)


TR, PAS and TS

Clarifications on the purposes, approval criteria and development processes related to these deliverables (slide #8):

  • No more NP ballot needed for PAS
  • Explanation of what are DTS and DTR

Decisions at enquiry stage

Clarifications on what can be done after the DIS ballot. 2nd DIS after an approved 1st DIS is now possible (slide #9)


Conversion of deliverables

No NP required for converting a PAS to a TS

2/3rd majority needed: to convert a TS or PAS into an IS, to convert a PAS to a TS, to revise or amend a deliverable and expanding its scope.

Always make sure you have the appropriate quorum! (minimum [4 or 5] P-members participating (slide #11)


Appointment of committee Chair

The committee secretariat may inform the P-members of their candidate (slide #12)

Change to forms

Some consolidations and alignments. Always go to this page to download the latest version of any form: (slide #13)


Meeting notices

Annex SK to cater for hybrid and virtual meetings in a permanent manner. See the distribution deadlines (slide #14)