Webinar:  Data Standards – progress and case studies

Webinar: Data Standards – progress and case studies

By SG4 Communications Subgroup


Please use the link below to view this recent A-Team webinar highlighting industry developments around data standards and identifiers including ISO standards for the LEI, UPI, and ISINs.  Members of our ISO community joined the panel of experts to discuss this important topic and to explore the benefits and challenges in adopting these standards and how the industry can further engage in the standard-setting process.

Listen to this webinar to find more about:

  • Industry progress on data standards and identifiers such as the LEI, UPI, ISINs
  • Case studies on how standards are being used including how they have helped firms meet regulatory requirements. 
  • Challenges to adoption and barriers to implementation
  • The role of standards in a digital and data driven world

Webinar Link:  https://vimeo.com/user2657586/download/477692318/0cdb8bc598