ISO 37003 Fraud Control Management Systems — Guidance for organizations responding to the risk of fraud provides guidance for use for establishing, developing, implementing, evaluating,
maintaining and improving an effective anti-fraud management system. The guidance is intended to include:

  • creation and maintenance of a fraud risk recognition, tracking and monitoring environment within an organization including proactive control systems, protocols and procedures;
  • mitigation of internal and external fraud against, and by, the organization;
  • detection of fraud in the event that pre-emptive counter-fraud strategies, protocols and procedures fail to identify and trace incidents;
  • effective response to fraud events so that lessons are learned that can be applied to the mitigation framework, reputational harm to the organization can be minimised and restored and funds lost to fraud can be recovered.

This is a Type B management system standard providing guidance only.

WG8 Leadership

The Project is led by Prof. Rob McCusker (UK) and Prof. Oserheimen Osunbor (Nigeria).

Secretariat is held jointly by UK and Nigeria. Please contact either David Adamson or John Bature - and