ISO 45003 Psychological health & safety published

ISO 45003 Psychological health & safety published

The world's first guidance standard on psychological health, safety and well-being is now available from ISO and national standards bodies.

Providing practical guidance on how to identify hazards and take action to eliminate or mitigate risks, ISO 45003 is suitable for every organization. Join TC experts on July 7th in a series of free webinars on this important new document. 



ISO 45003 is written to support ISO 45001, so that organizations can ensure that psychological health, safety and well-being is addressed as part of an OH&S management system, if one is in place.

It clearly sets out the importance of top management commitment and leadership and the need to build an open and supportive culture. Using simple tables many examples are given of the sources of psychosocial risk, broadly categorized into how work is organized, social factors and the work environment,  and what an organization can do. 

The standard is suitable for organizations that do not have expertise in this area, including very small organizations, prioritizing a risk-based approach to tackle the root causes of psychological ill-health rather than only addressing the negative impacts of psychosocial risk.

Recordings of recent webinars featuring ISO/TC 283 experts who contributed to the development of ISO 45003 can be viewed here. Topics discussed include an introduction to the standard, the impacts on psychological health of the COVID-19 pandemic and how the standard is being used in Canada and Chile.