Ongoing projects in ISO/TC 213

Information on the committee's ongoing projects is listed below according to the advisory groups and working groups responsible. 


AG12 - Mathematical support group (Advisory Group 12) 

Convenor Paul Scott, UK

ISO/TC 213's mathematical support group is working on a new series of standards relating to "partitioning" - the operation used to identify a portion of a geometrical feature belonging to the real surface of the workpiece or to a surface model of the workpiece. 

The three part ISO 18183 series is currently at preliminary work item stage: 

  • ISO/PWI 18183-1, Partitioning -- Part 1: Basic concepts
  • ISO/PWI 18183-2, Partitioning -- Part 2: Nominal model
  • ISO/PWI 18183-3, Partitioning -- Part 3: Methods used for specification and verification


AG13 - Analysis of interdependence of specifications with respect to product function, verification and testing (Advisory Group 13)

Convenor Johan Dovmark, Denmark

AG13 is currently focussing on a number of proposals around the enumeration of features and specifications.

This includes a system for identifying integral surfaces on the nominal model to establish  traceability and facilitate communication

The group is also planning to begin work on terminology issues and basic concepts, for use across the ISO/TC 213 committee area. 


WG2 - Datums and datum systems (Working Group 2) 

Convenor Renald Vincent, France

WG2's main focus of work is the key ISO GPS standard ISO 5459:

  • ISO 5459:2011, Geometrical product specifications (GPS) -- Geometrical tolerancing -- Datums and datum systems

The datums group is currently working with its experts to establish the best way forward for the next revision of ISO 5459. 


WG4 - Uncertainty of measurement and decision rules (Working Group 4) 

Convenor Alessandro Balsamo, Italy

WG4 is currently looking into revising Part 2 of its ISO 14253 series: 

  • ISO 14253-2 Inspection by measurement of workpieces and measuring equipment -- Part 2: Guidance for the estimation of uncertainty in GPS measurement, in calibration of measuring equipment and in product verification

Proposals for its revision will be discussed at the next meeting. 


WG6 - General requirements for geometrical product specification (GPS) measuring equipment (Working Group 6) 

Convenor Howard Harary, USA

WG6, which looks after the standards for measuring equipment, is currently working on a number of revisions to its existing standards. 

  • ISO 13385-1, Dimensional measuring equipment -- Part 1: Desiign and metrological characteristics of callipers
  • ISO 14878, General concepts and requirements for GPS measuring equipment

In addition, the group is looking into new work on rotary axis form measuring instruments. 

A number of other potential revision projects will also be discussed at the next WG6 meeting.  


WG9 - Dimensional and geometrical tolerancing for castings (Working Group 9)

Outgoing Convenor Georg Henzold, Germany; Incoming Convenor Thorsten Engelke, Germany

The castings working group looks after the ISO 8062 series.

Potential work on revisions of Part 4 and Part 3 of the series will be discussed at the next meeting. 

  • ISO 8062-4, Dimensional and geometrical tolerances for moulded parts -- Part 4: General tolerances for castings using profile tolerancing in a general datum system
  • ISO 8062-3, Dimensional and geometrical tolerances for moulded parts -- Part 3: General dimensional and geometrical tolerances and machining allowances for castings 


WG10 - Coordinate measuring machines (Working Group 10) 

Convenor Craig Shakarji, USA

WG10 looks after the ISO 10360 series and the ISO 15530 series covering coordinate measurement systems.

The group is working on a number of projects to revise existing parts of the ISO 10360 series as well as creating new parts: 

  • ISO 10360-5, Acceptance and reverification tests for coordinate measuring machines (CMM) -- Part 5: CMMs using single and multiple stylus contacting probing systems
  • ISO 10360-10, Acceptance and reverification tests for coordinate measuring systems (CMS) -- Part 10: Laser trackers for measuring point-to-point distances
  • ISO 10360-11, Acceptance and reverification tests for coordinate measuring machines (CMM) -- Part 11: CMMs using the principle of computed tomography (CT)
  • ISO 10360-13, Acceptance and reverification tests for coordinate measuring systems (CMS) -- Part 13: Optical 3D CMS


WG12 - Size  (Working Group 12)

Convenor Hans Lilja, Sweden 

WG12 looks after a number of standards relating to size such as the ISO 286 series for linear sizes and the ISO 14405 series on dimensional tolerancing (linear sizes, sizes other than linear sizes, and angular sizes). 

The working group is currently dealing with the following projects: 

  • ISO 14405-2 - An amendment to the standard dealing with sizes other than linear sizes
  • ISO 21204, Specification of defined transitions between features 


WG14 - Vertical GPS principles (Working Group 14) 

Convenor Renald Vincent, France 

WG14 looks after the ISO 17450 series on general and basic concepts as well as key ISO/TC 213 standards such as ISO 8015. Discussions are currently under way within the working group as to the next revision of ISO 8015:

ISO 8015:2011, Geometrical product specifications (GPS) -- Fundamentals -- Concepts, principles and rules.

The working group has recently published a new part of the ISO 17450 series: 

ISO 17450-4:2017, Geometrical product specifications (GPS) -- Basic concepts -- Part 4: Geometrical characteristics for quantifying GPS deviations

Current project work includes the following:

  • ISO 20170, Decomposition of geometrical characteristics for manufacturing control


WG15 - GPS extraction and filtration techniques (Working Group 15)

Convenor Paul Scott, UK 

WG15 is responsible for the ISO 16610 series on filtration.

16 parts of the series have already been published with further parts under discussion and/or already under development. 

Current project work within the working group includes the following: 

  • ISO 16610-29, Filtration -- Part 29: Linear profile filters: Spline wavelets
  • ISO/TR 16610-32,  Filtration -- Part 32: Robust profile filters: Spline filters
  • ISO 16610-45, Filtration -- Part 45: Morphological profile filters: Segmentation
  • ISO 16610-61, Filtration -- Part 61: Linear areal filters -- Gaussian filters


WG16 - Areal and profile surface texture (Working Group 16) 

Convenor John Westberg, Sweden 

WG16 is responsible for the large series of standards on surface texture; areal the ISO 25178 series. 14 parts of the series have already been published. 

The working group is discussing and developing additional new parts of that series as well as brand new work on the ISO 21920 series on surface texture: profile.

Current project work comprises the following: 

  • ISO 12179, Surface texture: Profile method -- Calibration of contact (stylus) instruments
  • ISO 21920-1, Surface texture: Profile -- Part 1: Indication of surface texture
  • ISO 21920-2, Surface texture: Profile -- Part 2: Terms, definitions and surface texture parameters
  • ISO 21920-3, Surface texture: Profile -- Part 3: Specification operators
  • ISO 25178-2, Surface texture: Areal -- Part 2: Terms, definitions and surface texture parameters
  • ISO 25178-73, Surface texture: Areal -- Part 73: Terms and definitions for surface defects on material measures
  • ISO 25178-600, Surface texture: Areal -- Part 600: Metrological characteristics for areal-topography measuring methods
  • ISO 25178-607, Surface texture: Areal -- Part 607: Nominal characteristics of non-contact (confocal microscopy) instruments
  • ISO/TR 23276, Program flowchart for feature parameters 


WG17 - Facilitation of GPS implementation (Working Group 17) 

Convenor Iain Macleod, UK 

WG17 looks after a couple of ISO/TC 213 standards as well as being the group responsible for the promotion of the ISO GPS suite of standards. 

The Model Standard - ISO/TR 23605 - falls under the remit of WG17. It was recently revised and a new edition published in May 2018. 

WG17 is also responsible for the Matrix of ISO GPS standards described in ISO 14638, Geometrical product specifications (GPS) -- Matrix model

The working group is currently looking into developing a proposal to ISO/TC 213 addressing the facilitation of the use of the ISO GPS system by:

  • Improving the organizational structure of the ISO GPS system;
  • Splitting standards into smaller units, having regard to ‘customer-facing’ and ‘developer-facing’ sections, and functionally self-contained units;
  • Addressing any potential contradictions between standards.


WG18 - Geometrical tolerancing (Working Group 18) 

Convenor Johan Dovmark, Denmark 

WG18 looks after a number of key ISO/TC 213 standards, including ISO 1101 and ISO 1660, both of which were revised and re-published in 2017:

ISO 1101:2017, Geometrical tolerancing -- Tolerances of form, orientation, location and run-out

ISO 1660:2017, Geometrical tolerancing -- Profile tolerancing.

The pattern tolerancing standard, ISO 5458, has also recently been revised: 

ISO 5458:2018, Geometrical tolerancing -- Pattern and combined geometrical specification

Current and ongoing project work within WG18 includes the following: 

  • ISO 2692, Geometrical tolerancing -- Maximum material requirement (MMR), least material requirement (LMR) and reciprocity requirement (RPR)
  • ISO 22081, Geometrical tolerancing -- General geometrical and dimensional specifications