ISO/TC 10, Technical product documentation (TPD)

ISO/TC 10, Technical product documentation (TPD)

Executive summary


Scope of ISO/TC 10 is standardisation and co-ordination of technical product documentation (TPD) (including technical drawings):

  • manually produced or computer based;
  • for technical purposes throughout the product life cycle ;
  • to facilitate;
           - preparation
           - management
           - storage
           - retrieval
           - reproduction
           - exchange and
           - use.

ISO/TC 10 is striving at providing a complete set of International Standard specifications, based on and created by international consensus. This ensures a well-based set of globally accepted basic specifications in support of all branches of industry, especially in support of the International, regional and national standards.

Experienced benefits of implementing TPD standards:

  • reduced costs;
  • assured quality;
  • shortened elapsed time from design concept to market product;
  • providing a platform for communication;
  • reduced risk of misinterpretation.