The scope of ISO/TC 279 is "Standardization of terminology, tools, methods and interactions between relevant parties to enable innovation".

Standards published will be ISO 56000 series (formerly 50500), see below. Standards on innovation management will allow organizations to share their best practices in innovation management. This will facilitate collaboration and also develop the capability to innovate and to bring innovations successfully to market. These standards will be a set of best practices begins upon the leadership of the top management with the confirmation of the organization's strategy. The standard is designed to support innovation in organizations whatever origin, type, size etc are. Expected benefits:

Market Benefits

  • Provide guidance on how an organization can fulfil unmet customer needs
  • Increase business opportunities and open new markets
  • Lead to the consequent reduction in trade barriers
  • Reduce time to market
  • Enhance the competitiveness of various organizations
  • Answer to the need of both developed and emerging countries

Cultural Benefits

  • Develop openā€mindedness to accept new business models and methods
  • Promote the growth of an innovation culture with a global objective
  • Facilitate the implementation of partnerships
  • Improve collaboration and communication on a global scale
  • Implement social responsibility in the organization's innovation process

Organisational Benefits

  • Save cost and reduce risk when innovating and collaborating across borders due to the development of standard tools
  • Increase the organization ability to take decisions: test and try, fail fast, capability to take reasonable risks, facing challenges and world changes...
  • Improve the efficiency and the performance of the organizations to produce innovation
  • Improve results of innovation process and contributes to monitor the return of investments made in innovation
  • Share a globally accepted ‘common language’ for innovation management
  • Evaluate the progress of the organisation and identify and share good practices in innovation management

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ISO/TC 279 is chaired by Mr Johan Claire, with an AFNOR secretariat.