ISO Technical Committee (TC) 188, Small craft, develops international standards for the global marine industry.

The Scope of ISO/TC 188 is:

Standardization of equipment and construction details of recreational craft, and other small craft using similar equipment, up to 24 metres length of the hull.

Excluded are lifeboats and lifesaving equipment covered by ISO/TC 8, Ships and marine technology.

The small craft marine industry is characterized by a limited number of large production manufacturers and many small manufacturers, including marine engines and component builders. For years, most small manufacturers have been building to local or country laws and are not specifically familiar with international standards.

International Standards are vital to ensure the state of the art, minimize world trade barriers and provide guidance for consistency in design, construction, performance, and safety of small craft marine products around the world.

ISO/TC 188 has broad representation from all regions of the globe involved in the small craft marine industry.

To focus and guide its work, ISO/TC 188:

a) Identifies, in collaboration with its stakeholders, government agencies and other relevant ISO Technical Committees, areas requiring the development of International Standards;

b) Keeps under constant review technological advances, changes to national and international regulations and other current International Standards in order to determine whether changes are needed to the standards under the TC’s responsibility;

c) Co-operates with CEN in response to the European Union’s Recreational Craft Directive.

See more in ISO/TC 188 Business plan.


ISO/TC 188 Standards help United Nations, UN, meet the Sustainable Development Goals

This committee contributes with 2 standards to the following Sustainable Development Goals:


ISO 8099-1:2018
Small craft — Waste systems — Part 1: Waste water retention

ISO 8099-2:2020
Small craft — Waste systems — Part 2: Sewage treatment


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