ISO Annual meeting

Abu Dhabi - UAE
19-23 September 2022

19-23 September 2022
Abu Dhabi, UAE

ISO's must-attend event of the year!

The ISO Annual Meeting is the keystone event in the ISO calendar featuring thematic sessions, networking opportunities, the ISO General Assembly and related governance meetings. 

Join a conversation exploring today’s most important global challenges and technological developments and understand the potential of standards as accelerators of change for good.  

Connect and network with national standard bodies, industry leaders and international organizations from around the world.  


Join us in Abu Dhabi for the full event experience or take part virtually in the online sessions

Programme overview

Download the programme at a glance, including governance meetings.

Why attend? 

  • → If you want to understand how our changing world is transforming standardization… 
  • → If you want to know how international standards can help you achieve your organizational objectives… 
  • → If you want to have engaging discussions on topics like the race to net zero, the future of standards development, global collaboration towards the sustainable development goals, the impact of digitalization, diversity and inclusion and much more… 
  • → If you want to connect with key stakeholders in the world of standards…  

... then this event is for you. 

Who should attend?

The event is an opportunity to exchange best practice and knowledge between ISO members, international and regional partners, civil society and international organizations, policy makers and academia on topical issues like the sustainable development goals, climate action and the future standards.

This year's theme: collaborating for good

With the ISO Strategy 2030 guiding our way, we are working to achieve the shared vision for a better world represented by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)– which offer a blueprint for peace and prosperity, for people and planet. The London Declaration further reiterates our commitment to taking urgent climate action. 

Solutions to today’s biggest challenges require us to think creatively, boldly and collaboratively. We can only get there if we join forces with our community of members and experts, our partners and global stakeholders.  

At the ISO Annual Meeting 2022 let’s work together in imagining and designing the solutions we need to achieve our shared vision. The future has begun, now it’s up to us to determine where it leads 

How you can participate

Participants joining us in Abu Dhabi will enjoy the full programme and an exciting event centred around collaboration and exchange, offering plenty of networking opportunities and a chance to discover local sustainability hubs.  

For those not able to join in person, our virtual platform will offer a select suite of sessions.   

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