Provisionally-approved common name

New common name provisionally approved on 21st September 2022 for an RNAi insecticide from GreenLight Biosciences, development code code GS2, trademark Calantha.

RNA (Leptinotarsa decemlineata-specific recombinant double-stranded interfering GS2)  [2433753-68-3]

If you wish to file an objection, for example because you consider that the name infringes on one of your company’s trademarks, please contact the Maintenance Agency no later then 21st March 2023. If no objections are received, then the name “ledprona” will become approved and will be added to the next annual update of the XML file that is available to everyone who has purchased the second edition of ISO 1750.

Le nom commun français provisoirement approuvé est « ledprona » (nm).