Common names approved since Amendment 7

Common names approved since Amendment 7

29 Newly-approved common names

The following common names have been approved since Amendment 7 to ISO 1750:1981 was prepared:

anisiflupurin, benquitrione, bipyrazone, broclozone, chloroinconazide, cyproflanilide, cypyrafluone, dioxopyritrione, fenmezoditiaz, fenpyrazone, fluchloraminopyr, fluchlordiniliprole, flufenoxadiazam, flufenoximacil, flumetylsulforim, fluoxytioconazole, flusulfinam, indazapyroxamet, iptriazopyrid, ledprona, metarylpicoxamid, pyriflubenzoxim, rimisoxafen, seboctylamine, spidoxamat, spirobudifen, tiorantraniliprole, trifluenfuronate and tripyrasulfone.

To complete the approval process, they were either included in the XML data set linked to the Draft International Standard of the second edition of ISO 1750, or announced on this website for 6 months without any objections being received.

They will all be included in the XML data set linked to ISO 1750:2023.

Les noms communs français approuvés sont :

anisiflupurine (nm), benquitrione (nm), bipyrazone (nm), broclozone (nf), chloroinconazide (nm), cyproflanilide (nm), cypyrafluone (nm), dioxopyritrione (nm), fenmézoditiaz (nm), fenpyrazone (nf), fluchloraminopyr (nm), fluchlordiniliprole (nm), flufénoxadiazame (nm), flufénoximacil (nm), flumétylsulforime (nm), fluoxytioconazole (nm), flusulfiname (nm), indazapyroxamet (nm), iptriazopyride (nm), ledprona (nm), métarylpicoxamide (nm), pyriflubenzoxime (nm), rimisoxafène (nm), séboctylamine (nm), spidoxamat (nm), spirobudifène (nm), tiorantraniliprole (nm), trifluenfuronate (nm) et tripyrasulfone (nm).