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ISO/TC67/WG4 is an active working group in ISO/TC67 that is responsible for reliability and cost related ISO/TC 67 standardization activities within petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries. The WG4 membership list consist of experts from the following 14 P-member countries: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, UK, and USA.


Published standards

The following ISO documents have been developed:

ISO 14224 ”Collection and exchange of reliability and maintenance data for equipment”

3rd edition issued 15 September 2016; corrected version 1 October 2016.

ISO 20815 “Production assurance and reliability management

2nd edition issued October 2018.

ISO/TR 12489 ”Reliability modelling and calculation of safety systems”

1st edition issued Nov 2013.

ISO 15663-1/ ISO 15663-2 /ISO 15663-3 Life cycle costing”

1st editions issued 2000/2001. The DIS ballot version of edition 2 has been approved in Jan 2020 and a new FDIS is scheduled to come in mid-2020.

ISO 19008  Standard Cost Coding System for oil and gas production and processing facilities”

1st edition issued 15 August 2016.

Work programme

Reliability related terminology

Terminology is of key importance and the use of terms and definitions in the ISO standards will be beneficial for efficient verbal and written communiucation amongst relevant stakeholders and avoids ambiguity in the use of terms. The document N1714 has been made by the ISO/TC 67/WG 4 expert members for indicated languages with the objective to translate selected terms appearing in the ISO/TC 67/WG 4 documents. The ISO 14224:2016; ISO 20815:2018 and ISO/TR 12489:2013 have been developed by ISO/TC 67/WG 4 – for standardization within the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries.
See further information in N1714 -  ISO/TC 67/WG 4 document: Definitions and translations (25 April 2019)


ISO/TR 12489:2013 -  Reliability modelling and calculation of safety systems

ISO/TR 12489 is an important supplement of IEC 61508-part 6 (functional safety),  but also for all systems with safety functions that not necessarily have SIL-requirement. The ISO Technical report has been developed by a project group in ISO/TC67/WG4, and it provides guidelines with focus on reliability modelling & calculation. Courses have been developed and will be made.
See further information in ISO/TR 12489 – Information sheet, 21 March 2019


Marketing and dissemination

Marketing and global dissemination of the developed ISO standards portfolio in WG4 has been given special attention recent years to comply with the ISO/TC67 Mission and the ISO/TC67 Vision. This has been done via

Supporting documents

WG4 is active in dissemination of ISO documents to support the ISO/TC67 vision “International standards used locally worldwide”. These papers gives good overview of the use of some ISO documents:

  • OTC-28705-MS, ISO Standards to Enable Reliable, Safe and Cost-Effective Technology Development, Project Execution and Operational Excellence,

R. Østebø, Statoil ASA; J. T. Selvik, International Research Institute of Stavanger; G. Naegeli, Petrobras;T. Ciliberti, Reliability Dynamics LLC, OTC, Houston, May 2018

  • OTC-29634-MS, Optimize Safety and Profitability by Use of the ISO 14224 Standard and Big Data Analytics,
    Vito Anthony Ciliberti, Reliability Dynamics LLC; Runar Østebø, Equinor ASA; Jon Tømmerås Selvik, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre; Francisco J. S. Alhanati, C-FER Technologies, OTC, May 2019


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ISO seminars on International Standardization in the Reliability Technology and Cost Area.

Presentations from these recent ISO seminars can be found below:


Courses have been established and undertaken and more courses are being planned for by ISO/TC67/WG4.

These courses have been held:

  • ISO/TR 12489 (in 2016)
  • ISO 14224 (in 2019)
Runar Østebø
Runar Østebø
ISO/TC 67/WG 4 convenor

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