TC67's Mission is:
To create value-added standards for the oil and natural gas industries

TC 67's Vision is:
International standards used locally worldwide

Why standardize?

There are numerous reasons why standards help the oil & gas industry. In general they can best be described as follows.

Standards help to manage complexity and thus to reduce risk

  • Increase safety
  • Harmonize environmental responsibility
  • Provide a “level playing field”

Standards help to control variety saving cost and time

  • “more of the same”: economy of scale
  • Enable regulatory compliance

When a new technology is developed and a proven concept, it should be standardized as soon as possible. Every 5 years a systematic review takes place to assess the need to update standards.

How TC67 originated

The American organizations developed the first standards for the oil & gas industry. North Sea operating companies developed many in-house and project specifications in the 80’s to fit their needs not covered by the American standards. This led to (re-)activation of the TC67 in 1989.


Why ISO?

widely recognized | internationally applicable

Everybody in the world can take part

Neutral party
no political ties | no commercial ties | non-profit

Proven record
ISO is providing clear procedures (the Directives). It connects the world through national standardization bodies. It has published over 22000 standards (status 2019).


Focus areas

Please see the activities page for an overview of the areas TC67 focuses on and to understand how the responsibilities are divided into subcommittees and working groups.

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