Increased use of biomass resources for manufacturing plastic products is effective in reducing global warming and the depletion of fossil resources. Current plastic products are composed of biobased synthetic polymers, fossil-based synthetic polymers, natural polymers, and additives that can include biobased materials. Biobased plastics refer to plastics that contain materials, wholly or partly of biogenic origin.

ISO 16620 consists of 5 parts. In this series of International Standards, the biobased content of biobased plastics refers to the amount of the biobased carbon content, the amount of the biobased synthetic polymer content, or the amount of the biobased mass content only.

Parts 1 to 3 were published on 2015-04-01. ISO 16620-2:2015 on determination of biobased carbon content may be selected as the reference method in the French law relating to plastics bags.

Part 4 on the determination of the biobased mass content and part 5 on the declaration of biobased carbon content, biobased synthetic polymer content and biobased mass content are still under development and are expected to be published early 2016.