The many aspects of plastics sustainability

The many aspects of plastics sustainability

Networking and sharing views on plastics waste management, recycling, bio-based plastics

The annual ISO/TC 61 (Plastics) meeting just ended a few days ago in New Delhi, India. More than ever before, it has been the place for networking and sharing views on the hot topics such as managing plastics waste, recycling, bio-based plastics and the like.

Parallel to the ISO/TC 61 subcommittees' meetings where delegates and experts reviewed the work programme and new projects for standardization, two major events took place to address the many aspects of sustainability.

First was the bio-plastics symposium proposed by ISO/TC61/SC5/WG23 working on test methods for bio-plastics featuring key speakers from the Indian plastics industry.

Second was an Indian national seminar tackling the recycling of plastics waste and aiming at the implementation of best practices.

Both were fully attended and demonstrated the willingness of participants to cooperate actively to work on these major issues.

TC61 - Biosymposium 2015

TC61 - National seminar 2015