New (3D) perspectives for ISO/TC 61 on Plastics

New (3D) perspectives for ISO/TC 61 on Plastics

Monitoring standardization of plastic materials for additive manufacturing

At the meeting held in India, beginning of October 2015, the experts working on thermoplastic materials (SC 9) pointed out that standards are currently being developed in the area of additive manufacturing, which is also known as 3D-printing. The SC 9 experts agreed that activities in this area need to be closely monitored and that those draft standards regarding the use of thermoplastic materials (e.g. test specimen for database and comparison, material properties, etc.) be subject to review.

On-going work programs, published standards and other relevant materials are to be collected under the lead of two experts for a status review. Materials will be distributed to SC 9 members for discussion at a later time.

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