Join the International BioPlastics Virtual Symposium - POSTPONED to 2021

Join the International BioPlastics Virtual Symposium - POSTPONED to 2021

By Prof. Dr. Ramani Narayan, Dr. Michael Thielen


International BioPlastics Virtual Symposium

Organized by

ISO/TC 61/SC14 "Environmental Aspects"

Hosted by

Prof. Dr. Ramani Narayan (Michigan State University), Dr. Michael Thielen (Bioplastics Magazine)

POSTPONED TO 2021 - We unfortunately need to inform you, the symposium will not take place this year, but will be moved to 2021.
lf you already registered, we will let you know about the new date in 2021. Please inform by email if you wish to be taken off the list and your contact details deleted.



To inform external stakeholders in the BioPlastics (Biobased & Biodegradable/Compostable Plastics) space and interested persons/organizations on the standards development activities in ISO/TC 61/SC 14 in its working groups WG 2 "Biodegradability" and WG 3 "Biobased plastics". The symposium will also address standards development activities on microplastics (WG 4 "Characterization of plastics leaked into the environment (including microplastics) and quality control criteria of respective methods") as well as feature speakers from select industries in this space. Regulations and programs in different ISO member countries will also be addressed.


BioPlastics is a new emerging polymer materials industry distinctly different from traditional plastics. It focuses on the use of plant-biomass carbon feedstock for manufacture and design for biodegradability, compostability, and recycling as environmentally responsible end-of-life options. This focus is in line with requirements of the new “Circular Economy” model and addresses plastics waste management issues.

BioPlastic materials have unique and differing requirements for feedstock selection, manufacture, use, and end-of-life disposal. SC 14 “Environmental Aspects”, a Subcommittee in ISO/TC 61 "Plastics", is developing International standards for this new class of BioPlastics polymer materials. It has a growing multi-dimensional stakeholder community in addition to the traditional plastics industry.

Standards from ISO/TC 61/SC 14 working groups WG 2 "Biodegradability" and WG 3 "Biobased plastics" are defining the acceptance of these new class of materials in the marketplace and used by regulators and certification organizations world-wide.

Cooperating organizations– European BioPlastics, Europe; Biodegradable Products Institute, USA; Japan Biobased Products Association (JBPA), Japan; National Technical Committee on Biobased & Degradable Materials and Products, China; CIPET-Ministry of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, India, Korean BioPlastics Association, Korea; Thailand BioPlastics Association, Thailand. (All named countries are P-members of SC 14.)


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