Common terminology in one standard

All ISO standards have a clause on Terms and Definitions where the terms used in the standard are defined. As concepts evolve and definitions can be improved upon over time, some terms may be defined differently from one standard to another.  

The ISO TC 46/SC 11 is fully aware that differing definitions among its own products do not ais in understanding the standards and do not facilitate their translation into other languages.


Concept diagram
ISO 30300 conceptual diagram

Since 2008, when drafting of the first terminology standard of TC 46/SC 11 -'ISO 30300 Management systems for records - Fundamentals and terminology' was started, a group of experts led by Xiaomi An from China has worked on building a common terminology. The work was based on the guidelines of "ISO 704:2009 Terminology work - Principles and methods", and "ISO 860:2007 Terminology work - Harmonization of concepts and terms".  The work was also influenced by terminology groups for other Managements Systems Standards (MSS), which at that time  were establishing the core definitions now mandatory in these type of standards.

During 2016, ISO TC 46/SC11 agreed to have a common terminology standard to apply to all of its products and not only to the Management systems for records 30300 series.

Finally in 2017 ISO/TC 46/SC 11 resolved to revise ISO 30300:2011 to convert and expand it to be the single terminology standard for SC 11 products. The title of ISO 30300 is to be changed to 'ISO 30300: Records management: Core concepts and vocabulary' and the preparation and publishing timeframe is 24 months.

Carlota Bustelo
Carlota Bustelo
Convenor ISO/TC 46/SC 11/WG 8 – Management systems for records


Xiaomi An
Xiaomi An
Project Leader ISO TC 46/SC 11/ WG 8. Records management: Core concepts and vocabulary