ISO/FDIS 25551 - Ageing societies - General requirements and guidelines for carer-inclusive organizations


The objective of ISO 25551 is to help organizations create supportive working environments for carers in the workplace. Workers can be considered a carer if they provide unpaid care or assistance to an elderly relative, child with long-term care needs, close friend, or partner, while engaging in paid employment. These working carers can have difficulties balancing their caring role with work responsibilities, leading to negative consequences for themselves, their co-workers and employer, and the economy more broadly.

This document provides guidelines for, and outlines a process for, the development of supportive policies and actions to achieve a carer-inclusive workforce.  A carer-inclusive workforce has the potential of adding value for organizations/employers, carer-workers, other workers, communities and a wide range of associated stakeholders. While each workplace is different, and organizations will need to tailor their carer-friendly workplace programs to fit the needs of their workforce and industry, the Standard provides a set of guiding principles and practical solutions.  

This project was initiated in 2019 and the draft has now been approved.  The comments received during the Draft International Standard (DIS) ballot have been reviewed by Working Group 3 and work is underway to prepare the Final DIS ballot. Working Group 3 includes expert members from Canada, USA, Singapore, United Kingdom, China, Finland, Norway, Sweden, South Korea, Ireland, Australia, and Uganda.  France, Germany, Japan are Observers.  It is anticipated that the standard will be published by the end of 2021 or early 2022.

For more information you can view a submission poster created by the leadership of the WG.

The convenor of this work item recently gave an interview which you can listen to here.


  Allison Williams acts as convenor of WG 3

  Jeanne Bank acts as the secretary of WG 3 

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