ISO 19600:2014 Compliance Management Systems

ISO 19600:2014 is based on the principles of good governance, proportionality, transparency and sustainability and provides guidance for establishing, developing, implementing, evaluating, maintaining and improving an effective and responsive compliance management system within an organization.

The guidelines on compliance management systems are applicable to all types of organizations. The extent of the application of these guidelines depends on the size, structure, nature and complexity of the organization.

The key topic areas covered are:

  • Understanding the scope and context of the compliance management system
  • Examining the crucial role played by the organization’s leadership
  • Understanding the origin of compliance obligations
  • Using compliance as a risk mitigation tool
  • How to establish compliance objectives
  • The use of training to raise awareness and embed a strong culture of compliance
  • How to develop effective communication and supporting documentation
  • Achieving organizational ownership of the compliance management system through the creation of management-led controls
  • How best to monitor the effectiveness of the compliance framework
  • What actions are necessary to ensure continual improvement of the compliance programme.


ISO 19600:2014 will remain current until the revision as a requirements standard, ISO 37301 is published.

Martin Tolar
Martin Tolar
Convenor, TC309/TG5
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