ISO 10218-1, Robotics - Safety requirements for robotics intended for use in an industrial environment - Part 1: Robots (revision)

This standard is under revision to include the following:

  • To make clear that an application can be collaborative.
  • Clarity about safety functions and what safety functions are required, what are optional and if provided, what is required.

Electrical requirements from the perspective that some requirements (, e.g. actuating controls, pendant control, modes) might be inhibiting the development or use of new technology.







Since 2011, industrial robots have undergone many enhancements and improvements.  In particular, industrial robots now can have many safety-related functions.  These additions have been spurred by improved ease of use, the topic of collaborative operation and the introduction of robots with power and force limiting capabilities.

This standard is for use by Manufacturers of industrial robots.

Revision started in June 2017, with publication in 2021.


(Pictures by permission from ABB, Universal Robots, Yaskawa)