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Next plenary meeting

The third plenary meeting of ISO/TC 299 will take place 2021-06-14--18 as a virtual meeting.
The previous ISO/TC 299 meeting was held in Kyoto, Japan, in June 2018, in conjunction with working group meetings.

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Upcoming Working Group-meetings

Please note that all ISO-meetings must be held virtual until 30 September 2021.

WG 1 Vocabulary and characteristics

Web meeting 2021-03-19

WG 2 Service robot safety
Web meeting 2021-07-12

WG 3 Industrial safety
Web meeting 2021-06-18
Web meeting 2021-06-22
Web meeting 2021-07-22

WG 4 Service robot performance
Web meeting 2021-06-16
Web meeting 2021-07-15

JWG 5 Medical robot safety
Web meeting 2021-06-16

WG 6 Modularity for service robots
Web meeting 2021-07-05

WG 7 Management system for service robots
Web meeting 2021-04-19