ISO 41000 – Standards in Facility Management

ISO 41000 – Standards in Facility Management

By ISO/TC 267/AG 2, Facility management – Communications


An update from ISO Technical Committee 267 Meeting in Bogotá, Colombia (9 - 11 May 2018) 

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Since it was established in 2011, the facility management (FM) technical committee for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO/TC 267) has been working to develop standards that articulate and enhance the understanding of FM as a leading professional discipline within the built environment and that provide FM professionals with practical guidance that will enhance the value that they deliver to the organizations they serve. At a recent meeting in Bogotá, Colombia (9 – 11 May 2018), two groups within ISO/TC 267 met to advance the purpose and work of the technical committee (TC). 

TC267 Bogota

ISO/TC 267, Bogota, Columbia, May 2018

ISO/TC 267/AG 1, Facility management – Roadmap

The remit of ISO/TC 267/AG 1is to consider the future of FM standards development. During two days of meetings in Bogotá, two new work item proposals, Development of facility management strategy and Influencing behaviours for improved facility outcomes and user experience, were finalized and will be forwarded to the TC for consideration. The group will continue to prioritize and further develop proposals for future standards development on such topics as: 

  • Understanding facility management as key business enabler
  • Good practice in government facility management procurement
  • Guidance on integrated management and delivery of services 
  • Development and implementation of facility management policy
  • Development of facility management plans
  • Work environment and workplace

These topics and any resulting standards will be aimed at improving facility management for all stakeholders of the built environment and, ultimately, enhancing the quality of life. 

ISO/TC 267/AG 2, Facility management – Communications

ISO/TC 267/AG 2 is tasked with developing our ISO/TC 267 messaging to create awareness of our activities and promote adoption of our outputs. (

Following the release of ISO 41001 (Facility management – Management systems – Requirements with guidance for use) on 23 April 2018, some burning questions are being asked amongst the international community, such as: 

  • What is the value of ISO 41001 to the industry? 
  • How does an organization get accredited to ISO 41001? How long does accreditation take?
  • What is the roadmap ahead for facility management (FM) standards?

These questions and others will be addressed by TC members at FM events worldwide. Follow the link ( to find a calendar of facilities management events in your area where the work of ISO/TC 267 will be discussed.


2018 events

In its seventh year, ISO/TC 267 is pleased to be able to report the publication of three standards, including ISO 41001, plus a technical report. Committee members continue to progress the work, and FM professionals are encouraged to get involved via their national standards bodies and ensure that future FM standards continue to evolve for the benefit of the industry and FM stakeholders worldwide.

For more information about these standards, and how to get involved, please make contact with your national standards body (